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Just in case you guys didnt know, I moved my posting elsewhere ALONG time ago.

thomasvan.tumblr.com for now

new site as soon as it is fully up and running: www.bitcheslovemy4door.com


exhausted from no sleep. I was studying for my physics final all last night and all this morning. I am all out of sync. I have one more final left thursday and then friday is my 19th bday. horray for me.

Lol, anyways i did pretty well on my final, or so i felt. this engineering shit is hard...

Fuel filter came in the mail today as well as a MK4 Supra throttle cable from Keith on JZXProject. NICE!

Havent really been able to study so much because I have been so dead. I was working on the wiring, depinning and shit. Wiring is practically done. I think i will get the car started this weekend if things go well.

Also good news, ordered some 850cc injectors. hope those arent too overkill for the engine...

I'll post further progress.


Robert's Cressida

Coilovers installed all around.

Volvo lip at the junkyard for $12 dollars (fits nice!)

My cressida

Engine in.  Wiring ALMOST complete.  Just need to find the wiring plugs for the body harness at a junk yard (94+ Toyota V6/V8... so hard to find in junkyard) and to cut new shifter hole

Engine Bay

I spent most of today painting the engine bay.  Here are a few pics.  DIdnt get to take pictures of it with clear coat.

Takes Two to Tango

Robert got a clean ass cressida this week with my help.
Im a boss.

Robert's X8 as of now

My X8 as of now

For some reason this reminds me of a E30's

Started stitch weldign engine bay. I am also removing brake master, brake booster, brake lines, ABS unit, proportioning valve, and clutch master in order to repaint the engine bay legitly as well as to convert to non ABS lines and such.

My MR2 as of now

1.5JZ Single Turbo'd Cressida in the works

Can't wait to get this done!
Waiting for parts to come in the mail.
I'll update with more pics once parts come.
its going to be fucking epic.
$2000+ worth of brand new parts, not even including the engine

Rainy Saturday

i am currently in the process of buying this cressida off of my sister and selling the MR2 to fund this build
if all goes well, its going to be sick.

removed the POS 7M

next on the list is just clean up the mess i made and stitch weld the engine bay with my new millermatic 211.

will update along the way.

want to keep you guys entertained.
ummm. the guy who is trying to buy my mr2 needs to hurry the hell up. that is all.


i went drifting kinda like twice last week.
monday was a fail. Saturday was a semi fail.
I have 3 pics from saturday's 626 Drift event.

Those were most likely spins, but hey, its okay.

Other important news. I got my Millermatic 211! set up and everything, bought the gas tank, etc.
Now i can fab an exhaust and stuff for the cressida.

Also, sad news. I am selling (trying to) my MR2. I have always been super serious about drifting but i came to realize that my MR2 is seriously holding me back.
Plans are to sell the MR2, use that 5k or so to buy the cressida off Julie finish the swap and get back on the track.

If things go well, i should have a 1.5JZ set up with a single turbo at least 330+whp with basically all the Serial Nine goodies such as the Stance coils.

This means ill have a spare 1JZ with ECU and wiring and shit and also a manual conversion for a NA 7M cressida.
Trying to convince robert to get a Cressida.

Wonder how things will turn out...